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Parks, activities, and tours you can enjoy in Cancun

Cenote Cancun

Cancun is a destination that receives month after month thousands of tourists willing to enjoy a vacation in the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean and its excellent tourist offer. This post will talk about how Cancun has become the most important tourist destination in Mexico. 

In Cancun, the coasts located in the privileged Caribbean of the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Cancun, and its hotel zone have become one of the favorite destinations for tourists worldwide. Its waters' tranquility and turquoise blue color make the Mexican Caribbean coasts the ideal place to enjoy a vacation.

But not only have the beaches made Cancun a worldwide tourist power, but in its surroundings, there are world-class resorts and tourist parks so impressive that they receive millions of tourists every year. Here are the main activities so you can have the best itinerary for your next vacation in Cancun.

Cancun Beaches

Cancun Beaches

As the main attraction of Cancun, you can't miss the most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean; with its white sands and turquoise blue waters, you will enjoy a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Undoubtedly an essential stop from your arrival to Cancun, so when creating your itinerary, do not forget to visit any of these beautiful beaches.

  • Chac Mool Beach
  • Marlin Beach
  • Dolphin Beach
  • Tortugas Beach

You won't have any problems getting to them since you can find Cancun Airport Transportation that will take you to any destination in Cancun.

Now, if you stay at one of the resorts in Cancun's hotel zone, such as the Hard Rock Hotel, you won't have to worry about visiting any of these beaches since you can find this kind of private beach inside the hotels. 

You can also book the transportation from Cancun airport to the hotel zone in advance so that upon arrival, you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your stay in Cancun.

Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park

Recognized as one of the largest natural parks in Mexico, Xcaret allows visitors to enjoy a Mexican experience. Thousands of tourists arriving at the Cancun Airport visit this destination for its more than 50 attractions.

When visiting Xcaret Park, you will have the opportunity to swim in a subway river and observe the birds of Mexico and the Caribbean in an impressive Aviary; among other activities, you can visit the coral reef aquarium and a butterfly garden, among many other activities in contact with nature.

Find delicious dishes from all over Mexico in any of the more than 20 restaurants around the park. You can also enjoy archaeological sites to learn a little more about the Mayan culture. As a final act, enter the exciting show of Xcaret Mexico Espectacular, an incredible moment full of excitement and the history of Mexico.

Xcaret Park allows its visitors to enjoy more attractions such as

Xelha, a destination to connect with nature and enjoy water activities.
Xplor Cancun is ideal for those looking for activities where adrenaline will be the main factor.
Savage is perfect for visiting with friends and family to enjoy challenges.
Xoximilco represents the Mexican culture in an adventure on the park's canals and enjoying lovely views and food from all over Mexico.


Aquatic Tours

Underwater Museum of Art

In Cancun, you will find one of the most exclusive activities in the world, as you will be able to enjoy the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) located under the waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

Suppose you are a tourist looking for unique activities you have to experience this incredible experience. With more than 750,000 visitors a year and offering a fantastic view of the seabed, the Underwater Museum contains an exhibition of sculptures by Mexican artists and international artists.

One of the focuses of the museum is that these exhibits merge with the seabed to turn this museum into a reef for marine life.

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